A variational form with Legendre series for linear integral equations

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Authors :

Mostefa NADIR1* and Belkacem LAKEHALI2

Author Address :

1,2Department of Mathematics, University of Msila, Algeria.

*Corresponding author.

Abstract :

In this work, we seek the approximate solution of integral equations by truncation Legendre series approximation using a variational form for the equation. this one is reduced to a linear system where the solution of this latter gives the Legendre coefficients and thereafter the solution of the equation.The convergence and the error analysis of this method are discussed. Finally, we compare our numerical results by others.

Keywords :

linear integral equations, Legendre polynomials, collocation methods, Sloan approximation.



Article Info :

Received : October 25, 2017; Accepted : December 12, 2017.



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