On the exact and the approximate solutions of second-order fuzzy initial value problems with constant coefficients

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Authors :

Hülya Gültekin Citil1*

Author Address :

1Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Giresun University, Giresun-28100, Turkey.

Abstract :

In this paper investigates the approximate solutions by the Adomian decomposition method and by the undetermined fuzzy coefficients method and the exact solutions by using the Hukuhara differentiability of second-order fuzzy linear initial value problems with constant coefficients. Comparison results of the solutions is given.

Keywords :

Fuzzy initial value problem, second-order fuzzy differential equation, Hukuhara differentiability, Adomian decomposition method, the undetermined fuzzy coefficients method.



Article Info :

Received : October 12, 2017; Accepted : November 30, 2017.



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