Solving linear integral equations with Fibonacci polynomials

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Authors :

Mostefa NADIR 1 *

Author Address :

1Department of Mathematics, University of Msila, Algeria.

*Corresponding author.


Abstract :

The goal of this work is to seek an approximate solution of Fredholm and Volterra integral equations using Fibonacci polynomials with hat basis functions, in order to obtain a variational problem and reduce this one to a linear system, where its solution is to find the Fibonacci coefficients of the unknown function and thereafter the solution of the equation. The convergence of this method is assured and the high accuracy of the error estimation is compared with other numerical methods.

Keywords :

Linear integral equations, Fibonacci polynomials, collocation methods, Sloan approximation.



Article Info :

Received : July 21, 2018; Accepted : October 26, 2018.



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