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  • Dr. Eduardo Hernandez Morales - Departamento de computacao e matematica, Faculdade de Filosofia, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • Dr. Yong-Kui Chang - School of Mathematics and Statistics, Xidian University, Xi’an 710071, P. R. China.
  • Dr. Mostefa NADIR - Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics University of Msila 28000 ALGERIA.
Current Issue


Solving linear integral equations with Fibonacci polynomials

Mostefa NADIR 1 *

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0604/0001   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,390.74 KB)  


Equitable edge domination in fuzzy graphs

C. Gurubaran 1 * and A. Prasanna 2

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0604/0002   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,474.05 KB)  


Reverse Zagreb indices of corona product of graphs

P. Kandan 1 and A. Joseph Kennedy 2 *

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0604/0003   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (20.00 KB)  


Product fuzzy distance two labeling graph and its properties

Anuj Kumar 1 * and P. Pradhan 2

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0604/0004   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,462.46 KB)  


Interior ideals in $Gamma $-semirings

R.D. Jagatap 1∗

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0604/0005   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,398.94 KB)  


An accurate five-step trigonometrically-fitted numerical scheme for approximating solutions of second order ordinary differential equations with oscillatory solutions

Adebayo O. Adeniran 1 , Saheed O. Akindeinde 2 and Babatunde S. Ogundare 2*

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0604/0006   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,416.57 KB)  


On quadratic integral equations of Volterra type  in Fr’echet spaces

Latifa Benhamouche 1,3 and Smaïl Djebali 2.3

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0604/0007   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,449.79 KB)  


Interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy $k$-ideal in semi-rings

K.R. Balasubramanian 1 and V. Raja 2 *

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0604/0008   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,379.55 KB)  


Systems of first-order nabla dynamic equations on time scales

Bouharket Bendouma 1 , Amine Benaissa Cherif 2 * and Ahmed Hammoudi 2

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0604/0009   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,486.06 KB)  


Two point fuzzy boundary value problem with eigenvalue parameter contained in the boundary condition

Tahir Ceylan 1 * and Nihat Altınısık 2

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0604/0010   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,582.55 KB)  


Existence of solutions of a coupled system of functional integro-differential equations of arbitrary (fractional) orders

H. El-Owaidy 1 , A. M. A. El-Sayed 2 and Reda Gamal Ahmed 3 *

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0604/0011   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,421.61 KB)  


The relationship between the solutions according to the noniterative method and the generalized differentiability of the fuzzy boundary value problem

Hülya Gültekin Çitil 1 *

DOI: 10.26637/MJM0604/0012   |   Full Article PDF   |   PDF size (1,417.38 KB)  


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  • Stochastic Differential Equations, Stochastic Modeling

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